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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Big Refrigerator

We cooked up a huge pot of beans today, with the intention of making chili later. It turned out to be too large to fit in the refrigerator. What to do? We realized that we could simply put the pot of beans out on the porch to cool till we needed it. Very convenient!

We have used this big refrigerator before. For Thanksgiving we brined our turkey outside in a large cooler. We chill drinks on the back porch for our New Year's open house. We have even made the mistake of buying a pizza from Costco that wouldn't fit in the fridge - so out to the shed it went till needed.

I lived in a dormitory my freshman year of college, in the days before mini-refrigerators. We used to store our supplies precariously balanced on the second-floor window sills to stay cool. Occasionally they toppled overboard. My roommate and I became quite good at cooking all sorts of things in an electric popcorn-popper!

Thinking of the root cellars and ice-houses of past times, I realize there is nothing original about our discovery.

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