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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

High-tech Rain Jacket

Today's blessing is my very waterproof, breathable high-tech rain jacket. After days of clear, dry and cold weather, Portland is back to raining and raining. We here are not known for high fashion, perhaps because we are more interested in staying warm and dry. (I wrote about my boots last month.)

My jacket is sporty-looking but decidedly unchic! It has a deep hood with a bill to keep the rain off my glasses, and the hood can cinch up when the wind blows. The sleeves have velcro tabs to keep the water out and the zipper has a snap-down flap to cover it against the rain. The front zips clear up to my nose if I want, and there are lots of weather-proof pockets. Coupled with rainpants and my boots, it is quite invincible. However, I look like some sort of hazardous-waste worker, but blue with white racing stripes.

When you think of going to the beach, most folks think of swimsuits, colorful towels and sun hats. Not in Oregon! Here, as often as not, the above-described outfit is the only appropriate attire. I have seen people get out of their cars, muffled to the eyebrows, advance within sight of the ocean, bracing against the wind. They stare at the waves for a few minutes, turn and go back to the car. At somewhat better times, a trip to the beach means a bracing walk or even a hike, followed by some hot coffee or tea, or better yet dinner in a nice restaurant. There are idyllic days in summer when it is actually warm, although not in the water. Tim will go play in the waves on these warm days, but not I. Nonetheless, we Oregonians love the wild beauty of our beach, and (for another blessing) it really is OUR beach. There are no private beaches in Oregon. And we love our high-tech jackets.

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