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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lace in the Garden

There is not much to write about in the garden these days, especially since the freeze. The annuals are limp rags, the perennials have mostly been cut down. Anything still standing looks pretty ratty, with the exception of the evergreens. Hooray for them! They are still beautiful.

We have an affection for variegated plants. I took some photos to show you. They seem to match the weather with living frost.

Pieris, always tidy and attractive, especially with its buds ready for spring.

This charmer is Lamium.  Its common name is Dead Nettle, which seems so inappropriate.

Variegated boxwood, so much more interesting than plain green.

This Fatsia is one of the newest plants in our garden, eventually to fill up a dark corner with the silver-white sheen of its elegantly-formed leaves.

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