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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autumn Flowers

Hooray for the lusty flowers of fall! They aren't shy and dainty like the spring blossoms. They laugh at chilly nights, showers, and wind.

The perennial garden looks like a disaster. The tall lily stalks have dried up and the roses are full of hips. But the autumn beauties are a different breed, in full and buxom display. They strut rather than bending demurely on their stems. There are still red honeysuckle blossoms, intricate toad lilies, Japanese anemones (the white ones shown) and gaudy abutilon lanterns. Some flowers like the amercrinum lilies (pink trumpets) and the dahlias (the pink rosette) will give in to frost at last. Other flowers will laugh at Nature's worst.

Our house has belonged to gardeners for some 70 years. Despite the many changes Tim and I have made in our decade here, there are many plants left by those who preceded us. These past gardeners took care that some plant should be blooming in every season. The camellia sessanqua is already starting its three-month display of white fluffy flowers with yellow centers. When the camellia flowers are gone, the sarcococca will bloom alone, scenting the January air with hope of spring.

Let's raise a toast to the splendor and blessing of the autumn garden.

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  1. Oh dear, I forgot the asters. What a ..... dis-aster!