Well, I did it! I wrote every day from early October to New Year's Day 2010. Now I will write for fun when I feel like it and see where that gets me. Cheers to all my small-blessing-appreciating friends!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Change of Scene

When our sons were little,  travel played an important role in triggering developmental steps. For example, David first began to walk on a trip to Hawaii. Michael learned to swim in the hotel pool on a visit to Disneyland.  As they grew, the steps were smaller and more subtle, but nonetheless observable, often keyed to a change of scene. I am wondering today, whether travel still leads us to developmental steps, however small.

I will be away a few days. The missing posts will be made up from notes I make on my travels.  Will a new setting open my heart to new blessings?  Am I still taking developmental baby steps at almost sixty years old?

And for the small blessing of the day....  how about wheels on suitcases?

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