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Monday, October 19, 2009

People who will Talk to Strangers in Line

We have all had the experience of standing in line, not knowing what to do with yourself.  There might be a couple in front of me, conversing. The guy behind me is talking on the phone and the woman behind him is texting. I, the lonely line-stander, try nonchalantly to ignore the conversations or appear to ignore them. It is actually impossible.

I look around and amuse myself thinking of my to-do list or plans for the evening, shifting from foot to foot. Blessings on the fellow line-stander who smiles and makes a mild comment on the weather, the movie we are waiting for, or other innocuous opening remark. Their statement really means: "I am willing to chat with you, you kindred being." Suddenly I am not alone.

Many waits have been enriched by chance conversations with strangers. Only last evening, while waiting I fell into conversation with a young tuba player, who told me about the various concertos that have been written for tuba and orchestra. The content of the conversation doesn't really matter. It enlivens an otherwise empty time and creates a brief interlude of fellowship in a world of strangers.

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