Well, I did it! I wrote every day from early October to New Year's Day 2010. Now I will write for fun when I feel like it and see where that gets me. Cheers to all my small-blessing-appreciating friends!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flannel sheets

For today's small blessing I choose flannel sheets. Beautiful Oregon fall weather includes crisp, cool nights. The cotton sheets that felt so light and comfortable when it was warm now are chilly to the touch and my grandma's wool blanket leaves us with that just-a-bit-too-cool feeling in the middle of the night. The flannels have had a long vacation in their drawer. They are rested and ready to cuddle and enfold cold toes and shoulders. For an extra benefit I open the fragrant camphor chest, with its deeply carved Chinese junk on the lid to bring out the light quilt. This quilt was made for us by someone who lives only in memory. I think of her as I make the bed.

(please note: the italics indicate "side blessings")

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