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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Hearth

The fireplace is an important part of our home. In the old days, the hearth was also the kitchen, that other heart of the home. So central is the hearth to the home, traditionally, that the latin word for hearth is "focus".

In chilly weather we enjoy our fireplace so much. Part of the enjoyment is the feeling of direct radiant heat. We, along with children and cats and dogs, like the feeling of direct toasty heat, whether it be sunbeam or fire. Central heating is a great blessing but it lacks that purr- or "ahh" inducing feel. Our hearthstone is green marble; after the fire has been going for a while, it warms up. We like how it feels to our feet.

The fireplace gives a feeling of contentment. I think it satisfies some atavistic longing of humans for the security and warmth of fire. Any of you who have been following my musings will have noticed my attraction to cooking on open fire, whether it be the stove, the grill or a campfire. Our fireplace is fueled with gas, for environmental considerations, but I do love the crackle and snap and smell of a wood fire. When I was  a small child in England, we had coal-burning fireplaces. Even then I was fascinated - both by the warm fire and the coal itself (to my parents' dismay).

This Thanksgiving Day, I wish you all the delights of hearth and home.

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