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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Organized Kitchen

Tim has a talent for organizing the kitchen. I said I wouldn't write about him, but here he is again. His organizing principles are: you should be able to see things and they should be within reach when you need them. This is a skill I don't seem to have.

In our kitchen, commonly used items are hanging from hooks, standing in crocks, or on glassed or open shelves. The rarely used items do go in drawers, and unfortunately there isn't room for a pan-hanging rack, so those are in a cupboard. Spoons, potholders, seasonings are right where they are needed. Knives are on a magnet bar, in plain sight. We haven't gone as far as Paul Child, who installed pegboard with the outline of all the kitchen tools.

It may look untidy compared to the bare and beautiful countertops in magazines, but our home kitchen is a joy to work in.

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