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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Signs of Spring

I have been working in the garden between rainstorms, clearing leaves and cutting down dead vegetation. In a larger garden it might be fine to let the leaves lie over the winter to nourish the soil, and keep the dead plants as cover and forage for birds, but in a small urban garden like ours, it is better to keep it tidy. Picking up the leaves discourages the lurking slugs and snails. It also gives me a chance to spend time with my hands and eyes close to the plants.

As I work, I notice many signs of spring. It is not like February when I shall be mad with expectation of each day's emerging buds, but there are many early spring bloomers that prepare in the fall. The rhododendrons are ready and the hydrangeas have fat buds even as their leaves turn color and drop.

The magnolia is ready with furry  buds too.

These are trilliums.

My favorite, an early peony.

We are blessed to live in the maritime climate of Western Oregon. It is a gentle and moist and quite splendid for gardening.

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